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Respect for Islam against Cats

oleh Anggit Tinarbuka

The story of the beloved The Prophet's Cat and Sahabat

Told in a story, the Prophet Muhammad had a cat named Mueeza. One time, when his prophets about to take his mantle, in temuinya Mueeza was falling asleep with relaxing on his cape. Not wanting to disturb his favorite animal, the prophet cut off parts of the arms were laid Mueeza of his robe. When the Prophet returned home, woke up and ducked Muezza bow down to her employer. In return, the Prophet expressed his affection by gently stroking the cat's tiny body 3 times.
In another activity, every time the Prophet received a guest in his house, the Prophet used to hold mueeza and put dipahanya. One of the properties Mueeza a prophet like is that he always meows when he heard the call to prayer, and as if his voice sounds like a rebound following the call to prayer.
To his companions, the prophet told to love cats, like dearest family.
Not just a prophet, the wife of the Prophet himself, Aisha bint Abu Bakr Siddiq was particularly fond of cats, and felt very lost when his left by the cat.
A friend who is also a hadith, if we are observant, a friend is often referred to as the hadith narrated from the Prophet, it turns out there's a story behind the name calling. Friend was named Abdurrahman bin Sakhr Al Azdi dubbed by the Prophet, Abu Hurairah (father of the male cat), because of his penchant to maintain and grow a variety of male cats at home. Wherever he goes, he often brings his cat and put under the robe big hands.

Respect Islamic Leaders Against Cats after day prophet

In a book called Cats of Cairo, during the dynasty mamluk, al-Zahir Baybars, a sultan who also heroes cross the front line in the war on purpose built parks specifically for cats and provide various kinds of food inside. This tradition has been a tradition in many major cities of the Islamic state. To date, from Damascus, istanbul to cairo, we can still meet the cats that roam in the corners of the old mosque with a variety of food provided by locals.

Influence Cats in Islamic Art.

In the 13th century, as a manifestation of Islamic society award, way cat carved rings serve as the caliphs, including porcelain, sculpture by currency. Even in the world of literature, the poets did not hesitate to make a poem for a pet cat who contributed books to protect them from mice and other insect bites.

Cat Stories that inspire a Sufi

A famous Sufi named ibn bashad who lived in the tenth century storytelling, one day he and his friends were sitting leisurely unwind on the roof of the mosque cairo city while enjoying dinner. When a cat passed, Ibn Bashad give a piece of meat for the cat, but the cat was soon back again, after giving him a piece of the second, Ibnu Bashad secretly follow the direction the cat was gone, until he reached the roof disebuah slum, and he found the cat was being handed a piece of meat is given to the other cats Ibn Bashad blind eyes. This event was very touching him until he became a Sufi until his death in 1067.
In addition, the Sufis also believe that snoring breathing cat has the same rhythm with the sentences dhikr of Allah.

Sauri stories that serve as role models

One story that is quite mahsyur is about a pet cat that is trusted by a man, to keep his son who was a baby when his he went for a few moments. Like a soldier guarding his master, the cat kept vigil around the baby. Soon melintaslah very dangerous poisonous snakes near the tiny baby. The cat attacked the snake with sigapnya to death with blood splattered.
In the afternoon when the man came home, he was surprised to see so much blood in baby mattresses. Prejudice whispered, the cat had killed his favorite son! Needless to say, he took a knife and decapitated an innocent cat.
Shortly thereafter, he was surprised to see her son woke up with a dead snake that had torn her behind her back. see it, the man cried and regretted it after realizing that he had a pet cat mebunuh who had bet his life maintaining safety. This story is a reflection of the Islamic community in the middle east to not prejudice to anyone.

Law killed the cat

Did agan Prophet Muhammad also defended cat?
Narratives of Abdullah bin Umar.:
The Messenger of Allah. He said: A woman was tortured for confining a cat to death. Then she was going to hell, therefore, that because when she locked him not feed nor gave him a drink as he was not well off for food from soil insects. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4160)
and in Islam, a Muslim is commanded not to harm or even kill a cat, based on the hadeeth narrated by Imam Muslim from Abdullah ibn Umar story [1] and Abu Hurairah. [2]

Is there any benefit to science cat?

One of the famous books written by Muslim scholars of the past is the book of life al hayaawan who has been an inspiration for the development of zoology at the moment. One is about medical science, many Muslim doctors in the past that made the cat as a medical therapy for bone healing, through the snoring sound that is equivalent to a wave of 50 hertz. Snoring becomes optimal frequency in stimulating bone recovery.
Not only science, western nations are also many different types of cats brought from the Middle East, and eventually caused the extinction of cats in the western myth magic tool can be saved.

Cats' Muqawwamah ": Jailed Palestinian Cats Special Sel Israel

If you should envy, the Muslims might have envied the Palestinians cat. Because, in the middle of our inability to come to defend our brothers in Palestine who are now fighting to defend the Aqsa Mosque from the Israeli threat, even a cat as a hero. The cat was assessed Zionist-Israel can generate resistance (muqawwamah).
As quoted by the site, Zionist-Israel has imprisoned a cat Palestine. The cat is considered to be a liaison in solitary confinement in a detention camp Palestinian fighters in the Negev.
According to Israeli officials, the cat is helping the prisoners to carry lightweight items such as letters, bread and more from one cell to another. The role was played the cat for months, before finally getting caught.

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