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Health-style prophet Muhammad (Thibbun Nabawi)


The world of medicine since the first always goes hand in hand with human life. Because, as living beings, man is very familiar with a variety of mild or severe disease. The desire to distanced themselves from various diseases is what drives humans attempted disclose various methods of treatment, ranging from different types of plants consumed by itself or a contaminated, which is believed to be efficacious cure certain diseases, or a system of massage, acupuncture, pembekaman to surgery and surgery.

But along with the development of human civilization, the culture of consumerism and materialism lead men to consume a variety of foods that are considered practical, delicious and full of variety. Unfortunately most of them do not realize that the production of such foods are often forced to use different types of harmful chemicals, such as borax, formalin, and Rhodamine B Metanil Yellow (synthetic dyes), the antibiotic chloramphenicol, dietilpirokarbonat, dulsin, nitrofurazon and various chemicals are very damaging health. People who have many different types of food consumed chemical berkomposisi frequent complication of the disease varies. So that the necessary medicines are also drugs berkomposisi heavy chemical.

It's no secret, treatment with synthetic chemicals (Western medicine / modern) may be able to treat a disease, but it can also cause other congenital diseases as a form of bad side effect of the properties of chemicals. The disease can be cured but it can appear other diseases. Be the vicious cycle that is endless in the world of modern medicine. Apparently expensive synthetic chemical drugs not guarantee recovery.


Medical technology may be creeping modernization and shopisticasi are difficult to measure. However, disease progression was also not lost quickly regenerate. While many people do not realize that Allah created man never abandoned. Each time the disease appeared, surely Allah also created the cure.

Word of the Prophet Muhammad: "It is Allah Almighty send down a disease, but He sent down a cure." (Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Ibn Majah) It's just that there are people who know and others do not know. Another fact that must be recognized by humans, that when Allah SWT expressly provide treatment advice, then it is certain treatment guidelines are more certain and absolute value. And so it is. Islam taught by the Prophet Muhammad, not only gives clues about life and etiquette of worship to God in particular that will bring the salvation of the world and the Hereafter, but also gives many practical hints and general formula that can be used to maintain the physical and spiritual safety, including associated with therapy or medication.

The practical and medical rules aplenty demonstrated by the Prophet Muhammad and taught to his companions. When all these formulas and rules of thumb were studied carefully, no doubt that the Muslims could develop into a system and a method of treatment that is second to none. Therein will see a close correlation between the divine treatment with human treatment system. Because Allah has stated: "It has been created for all of you all that is on earth."

Medicine following all media and materials, including those created by Allah for the benefit of mankind. Remember! Islam is a perfect religion, which was brought to the Prophet Muhammad is not only healthy but also to those who are sick, the Sharia is also provided.

For that Muslims should revive confidence in the various types of drugs and treatment methods taught by the Prophet Muhammad as the best method to handle a wide range of diseases.

But of course all kinds of treatments and medications are just feels usefulness when accompanied by the suggestion and belief. Because, as stated Ibn Qayyim-faith is prayer. When people know the term placebo treatment (a kind suggestion of planting and provide a true neutral drug is not a cure of the disease), then the term Islamic prayer and faith. With proper treatment, the appropriate dose with prayer and faith, there is no disease that can not be cured, but the disease that leads to death. Jabir RA brought the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad: "Every disease is curable. So if the drug on the disease will be cured by the permission of Allah. "(Narrated by Muslim)

Al-Qur `an and Sunnah are authentic laden with a variety of beneficial healing and medicine with the permission of Allah SWT. So should we not first turned away and left to turn to chemical treatments that exist in the present.

That is why Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah said: "It is the doctors have agreed that when possible medication with food then do not turn to chemical drugs. When taking medications that enable simple, then do not switch drugs complex. They said: 'Any disease that can be rejected by certain foods and prevention, do not try to resist with chemical drugs.' "

Ibn al-Qayyim also said: "The man of the treatment Berpalingnya nubuwwah berpalingnya as those of treatment with Al-Qur` an, which is a useful drug. "Thus, a Muslim should not be made merely Nabawiyyah treatment as an alternative treatment. Instead he deserved it as a primary means of treatment, because certainty comes from Allah through His Prophet SAW orally. While treatment with chemical drugs (medicine the way west) surety obtained no such certainty with thibbun Nabawi. Medicine is taught by the Prophet Muhammad is believed to recovery comes from revelation. While the treatment of other than the Prophet mostly guesswork or by experience / trial.

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "The treatment ala-Prophet did not like the treatment of the medical experts. Treatment ala-Nabi to believe and be sure (qath'i), bernuansi ilahy, derived from revelation and reason Misykat nubuwah and perfection. But of course, related to the healing of a disease, a servant must not lean exclusively with certain medications, and can not believe that a cure obatlah pain. He was supposed to lean and depend on the One who gives the disease and lower the medicine at the same time, that Allah SWT. A servant should always rely on him in any situation. One should always pray for Him to eliminate all the middle kemudharatan happened.

Thibbun Nabawi

Noble Companions Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri rahimahullahu said:
"A number of Companions Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam went in a safar (journey) they took, until they stopped at an Arab village. They then asked the villagers in order to entertain them, but the villagers refused. Shortly after that, the chief of the village stung venomous animals. Its inhabitants had sought every means of treatment, but not one bit that provides benefits for the healing of their leader. Most of them said to the others: "If you go to a group that had stopped at your place, maybe some of them have a cure (which can relieve pain suffered by our leaders.)" The villagers were also visited a group of Companions of the Prophet was resting it, saying:

"O group of people, our leaders stung by venomous animals. We have been trying various ways to heal the pain, but none of them useful. Is there any one of you who has it? "One of his companions said:" Yes, by Allah, I could be concerned with. However, for the sake of Allah, we'd ask you guys hosted yet reluctant to entertain us. So I'm not going to do ruqyah for you until you are willing to reward us. "

They also agreed to give a flock of goats as the wages of ruqyah to be done. Companions went away for those concerned with village leaders. He began to blow with a little spit and read: "Thank God rabbil 'alamin" (Surah Al-Fatihah). Until seakanakan leaders apart from the curb bond. He also went for a walk, no more pain (which makes tossing her on the bed). The villagers were then rewarded as previously agreed. Some Companions said: "Divide the goat." But Companions are concerned with saying: "Do not we do that, until we face the Prophet Muhammad, then we tell the story, and we'll wait what he says."

They were facing the Prophet Muhammad, then told what had happened. He asked his companions who do ruqyah: "How do you know that Al-Fatihah can be read for concerned with? You're right, divide the goat and give part of me with you. "

The above hadith narrated by Al-Imam Al-Bukhari, Saheeh rahimahullahu in his no. 5749, Ath-Tibb book, chapter An-Nafats Ruqyah fir. Also narrated by Al-Imam Muslim in his Saheeh rahimahullahu no. 5697 As-Salam books, chapters Jawazu Akhdzil Ujrah 'Alar Ruqyah.

Some of the benefits that we can take from the hadeeth of Abu Sa'eed al-Khudri radhiallahu 'anhu above is:
1. Surah Al-Fatihah mustahab to be read to the people stung by venomous animals and sick people.
2. It may take a wage from ruqyah and lawful wages.
3. Whole goat was actually owned by the person concerned with, while others do not have the right, but distributed to his friends because of the generosity and kindness.
4. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam asked for a part in order to soothe the hearts of the companions and to further demonstrate that the wages earned are lawful, does not contain doubtful.

So avail the mentioned Al-Imam An-Nawawi in Al-Minhaj rahimahullahu Syarhu Saheeh Muslim (14/410).

Nabawiyyah Treatment (At-Thibbun Nabawi) Not Alternative Medicine. The existence of a variety of diseases including sunnah kauniyyah created by Allah SWT. Diseases were a disaster and the test set of Allah upon His servants. And only on the disaster there were benefits to the believers. Suhaib Ar-Rumi RA said:

"Prophet SAW said:" It's amazing the case of a believer. It was all over his case is good. That is not owned by anyone except a believer. If he gets space, he is grateful. So it's a good way for him. And if he is overwritten hardship, he perseveres. So it's a good way for him. "(Narrated by Muslim no. 2999)

Includes virtue of Allah given to the believers, He made ill befall a believer as a sin and their guilt. As mentioned in the hadeeth of Abdullah ibn Mas'ud RA, that the Prophet SAW said: "It is not a Muslim be overwritten disorder or other illness, but Allah renders his mistakes as trees shed their leaves." (Narrated by Al-Bukhari no. 5661 and Muslim no. 6511)

On the other hand, as Allah SWT reduce disease, he was lowering medication with the disease. Drugs rose to grace and virtue from Him to His servants, both the believers and the unbelievers. Rasulullah SAW said in the hadith of Abu Hurairah RA: "It is Allah SWT reduce disease unless he cuts to cure the disease." (Narrated by Al-Bukhari no. 5678)

Abdullah bin Mas'ud RA reported from the Prophet: "Verily Allah does not reduce disease but also cure him down with him. (Just) do not know the people who do not know about it and know the people who know. "(HR.Ahmad 1/377, 413 and 453. Dishahihkan And this hadeeth in al-Shahihah no. 451)


There are so many ways prophetic medicine. We only mention some of them, namely:
1. Treatment with honey

Allah says about honey bees out of the stomach:
"... From the bee's stomach out drink (honey) of varying colors, in which there is healing for mankind." (An-Nahl: 69).

Honey can be used to treat various types of diseases by Allah SWT. Of whom to treat stomach aches, as shown in the following hadith: "A man to the Prophet Muhammad, she said: 'My brother complained of pain in his stomach.' The Prophet said: 'He Drinks honey.' Then the man came for the second time, the Prophet said: 'He Drinks honey.' That man came back on the third time, the Prophet kept saying: 'He Drinks honey. "After that, the man came again and said:' I've done it (but not yet healed well even increased diarrhea) . 'Prophet said:' Allah and stomach Mahabenar brother was lying. Drinks again honey. 'Man orally again, then his brother was cured. "(Narrated by Al-Bukhari no. 5684 and Muslim no. 5731)

2. Treatment with Habbah Sauda '(black cumin, Nigella sativa)

The Prophet SAW said:
"Surely this is Habbah Sauda 'cure of disease, but of disease assamu". I (ie `Aisha radhiallahu 'anha) asked:" Is it as-samu? "He replied:" Death. "(Narrated by Al-Bukhari no. 5687 and Muslim no. 5727)

3. Treatment with camel milk and urine.
Anas RA reported: "There is a group of people 'Urainah of the population suffering from Hijaz (from hunger or fatigue). They said: 'O Messenger of Allah, give place to us and give us a meal.' As has been healthy, they said: 'Verily the air of Medina did not suit us (until we suffer pain,-pent.).' Messenger of Allah had put them in Harrah, near the maintenance of his camels (which amounts to 3-30 animals). He said: 'Drink milk and urine of camels. When they are healthy, they actually killed the shepherd of the camels Prophet (after they gouged out his eyes) and herding camels (they are also in a state of apostasy from Islam-pent.). The Prophet sent a messenger to pursue them, until they are caught and punished with cut hands and their feet, and their eyes gouged out. "(Narrated by Al-Bukhari no. 5685, 5686 and Muslim no. 4329)

4. Treatment with berbekam (hijamah)

Ibn 'Abbas RA reported:
"Indeed the Prophet Muhammad berbekam on the head in his state as a mahram (people who berihram) due to illness on the part of his head." (Narrated by Al-Bukhari no. 5701)

Prophet also said: "The drug / cure it (among others) in three (carapengobatan): drinking honey, berbekam and with kay, but I forbid my Ummah from kay." (Narrated by Al-Bukhari no. 5680)

5. Ruqyah

Among the treatments that are beneficial nabawi by Allah SWT is the syar'i ruqyah, specified in the Qur `an and Sunnah are authentic. Know that Allah makes the Qur'an as syifa `anul Karim (medicine / healing) as his word:" And if we make the Al-Qur `an is a reading in Arabic than they would have said: 'Why not explained paragraph -verse? 'Is (worth Al-Qur `an) in a foreign language, whereas (Messengers are) Arabs? Say: 'Al-Qur `an that is a guide and antidote for those who believe.'" (Fushshilat: 44)

"And We send down from the Qur'an what constitutes an` syifa and mercy for the believers. "(Al-Isra ': 82). ____ Letters in the verse to describe the type, not show tab'idh (meaning part). Because Al-Qur `an entirely is syifa` and mercy for the believers, as stated in the previous paragraph (ie surah Al-Fushshilat: 44). "(Ad-Da` u wad Dawa ', p. 7)

Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani rahimahullahu said when commenting on the hadith that says about a woman who suffers from epilepsy (epilepsy): "In this hadith there is the argument that the treatment of all diseases with prayer and rest in God Almighty is more effective and more useful than with drugs. Influence and usefulness of the body is greater than the effect of physical medicine. However, its efficacy is obtained with two things: 1) from the side of those who suffer from pain, which is a straight intent / purpose, 2) in terms of the cure, the strength of the guidance / direction and strength of his heart with piety and resignation. Allaah knows best. "(Fathul Bari 10/115)

In the hadeeth of Abu Sa'eed al-Khudri RA about ruqyah with Al-Fatiha made one of his companions, really noticeable influence of the drug on the disease suffered by the village leaders. So that the drug was able to eliminate the disease, as if the disease is not been there before. This method is the easiest treatment and light. If a slave to treatment ruqyah by reading Al-Fatihah is good, surely he would look awesome in a healing influence.

Al-Imam Ibn Qayyim rahimahullahu said: "I've lived in Mecca for some time in a state affected by various diseases. And I did not find a physician or medicine. I also treat myself with Al-Fatiha is read repeatedly on the glass of Zam-zam water and then drink it, until I saw the effect of the treatment was amazing. Then I tell this to people who complain of pain. They also perform the treatment with Al-Fatihah, it turns out most of them recover quickly. "

Subhanallah! Thus the explanation and testimony of Al-Imam Ibn Qayyim rahimahullahu against ruqyah and personal treatment experiences by reading Al-Fatihah. (Ad-Da `u wad Dawa` thing. 8, Ath-Nabawi Thibbun things. 139)

Ash-Shaykh Saalih bin Fawzaan said: "Indeed Allah has made Al-Qur` an as syifa `for hissi diseases (which can be felt sense) and meaningful form of diseases of the heart and body. But with the condition, and that diruqyah peruqyah should mengikhlaskan intentions. And each believes that healing comes from the Almighty Allah. And ruqyah with Kalamullah is one of the worthwhile causes. "

He also said: "Treatment with ruqyah Al-Qur` an is the Sunnah of the Prophet and the salaf practice. They first treat people affected by ayn, jinn possession, and magic all ruqyah disease. They believe that ruqyah including permissible means longer useful, while the cure is God Almighty. "(Al-Muntaqa min Fataawa ash-Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan, chapters 1, the answer to question no. 77)

Thibbun Nabawi Giving Effect to Healing with permission of Allah. Maybe none of us have ever tried to do treatment with thibbun nabawi example by drinking honey or Habbah Sauda '. Or with ruqyah reading the verses of Al-Qur `an and the prayers that the Prophet taught, but do not feel the influence of anything. The disease does not go away. In the end, we left for doubting thibbun nabawi would usefulness, then switched to chemical drugs. Why is that? Why do we not get the properties acquired as Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim rahimahullahu when concerned with themselves with Al-Fatihah? Or, as is done by the Companions when concerned with tribal leaders stung by venomous animals in which treatment was over the heads of the tribe (village leader) recovered as if nothing ever feel the pain? Among the answers, as saying Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar rahimahullahu has passed, that potent ruqyah (treatment by reading prayers and verses of the Qur `an) is obtained when the two things above are met.

Al-Imam Ibn Qayyim rahimahullahu said: "There are things that should be understood, that remembrance, verses, and prayers were recited as a drug and is read when concerned with, it is a useful drug. However, action is needed at the site, the strength of the spirit and influence of the person concerned with. When the drug was not given effect, it is due to a weak influence peruqyah, the absence of a response at the site of the person who diruqyah, or the presence of a strong barrier that prevents the efficacy of these drugs, as they are on the drug and the disease hissi.

The lack of effect of the drug could be due to lack of acceptance thabi'ah to the drug. Sometimes also because of the strong barrier that prevents the operation of the drug. Because if thabi'ah taking medication with perfect reception, surely the body benefits of the drug in accordance with such acceptance.

Similarly the liver. When taking ruqyah heart and prayers are with perfect reception protection, along with people who have the spirit concerned with the influence, undoubtedly ruqyah is more influential in eliminating the disease. "(Ad-Da` u wad Dawa ', p. 8)

Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar rahimahullahu states, sometimes some people who use thibbun nabawi not get healing. That is because the barrier in people who use these medications. Barrier in the form of lack of confidence in the recovery obtained with the drug, and the lack of acceptance of the drug.


Who says alternative medicine outdated? Just when the West is increasingly believed medical treatment outside the study. Combination therapies and alternative medicine therapies became popular there. A recent survey stated that the English have faith in alternative medicine as large as conventional medical treatments.

Of 1000 people surveyed, 68 percent stated so. Age of the survey participants ranged from 35-44 years. Type of alternative medicine encompasses herbal medicine and naturopathic herbs alias. One in four people are thinking that Western-style medicine is only one way to solve health problems. Thus the results of a survey conducted Diagnostic Clinic, London. They had been doing a combination of medical treatment medicine with complementary medicine. Results were expressed alias complementary therapies are increasingly popular alternatives than in the past. In alternative medicine, all possible methods, from the use of traditional medicines such as herbs, spices, known as ginger, turmeric, and so on, until the ingredients are secret. Other approaches such as the use of certain energy that is able to accelerate the healing process, to use a certain prayer spiritually believed to have healing powers.

The English have cost 130 pounds (about USD 2.23 million, -) per year to undergo alternative therapies such as acupuncture and reflexology. Means an increase in the budget to 70 million pounds, or about 1.2 trillion rupiah in the field of medicine in the next four years. Popularity of complementary therapies has even made the British government to disburse the funds of 900,000 pounds (15.4 billion dollars) for the purpose of regulation of a number of alternative medical practices.

Dr Rajendra Sharma, director of media Diagnostic Clinic, told BBC News recently, "orthodox and complementary medical treatment should not be on different sides in the healthcare field. Integrated treatment supported by qualified physicians and experts in the disciplines could be the ideal treatment model in the future. "

Types of alternative medicine combined with medical treatment kedoteran are gaining in popularity is naturopathy. The treatment is done with conventional medical approaches combined with alternative therapies. In naturopathic medicine, the patient is not taking drugs that contain chemicals. True to its name, alias naturo nature means that nature, all medical procedures done here naturally. Drugs that are used 100 percent derived from natural materials such as leaves, nutritional supplements that are biased repair damaged body system functions.

The selection of natural ingredients based on the evidence that in each of these plants contain receptors, chemical structure, similar to human hormones. There's a study that proves that the leaves contain substances similar to those in the human head. While the substance contained in the root of a tree or branch is similar to that of the human hand and foot.

In naturopathy, if any part of the body is damaged, then the supplements provided will improve the body's wound in a system known as homilistasis. There are a number of procedures that must be patient, such as aromatherapy, massage, detoxification, rejuvenation, lymph drainage massage massage alias to expedite the flow of the lymph nodes. In treating patients with autism, for example, the more naturopathic treatment approaches in nature, rather than a clinical approach gives many chemical drugs.

In Indonesia, naturopathic medicine does not yet exist, but in many other countries like USA, UK, Australia, China as well as India, this field of specialization at the university. Naturopathic Medicine is a specialized form of medical science in its prevention or treatment of diseases, improve the health and rehabilitation process in the body by increasing system capacity and natural function. In many developed countries, better known naturopathic lifestyle medicine, in which treatment is more emphasis on the pattern of life, ranging from diet, to a pattern of activity. Although there has been quite popular in Indonesia, for naturopathic medicine itself has received recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1978.

But not all medical experts agree with Sharma. Some still object if complementary therapy medicine combined with medical therapy. Dr Jim Kennedy, a spokesman for the Royal College of GPs warns that not all aspects of the medical treatment is biased in favor of complementary medicine. Complementary medicine has a fairly broad spectrum that can not always be proved just as in conventional medical therapy.

"But as far as doctors know that alternative medicine is doing the patient is not detrimental to health and is quite useful, would still be justified," said Kennedy. Although the British public began to believe alternative medicine, there is always a mix of types of alternative therapies with conventional justified for granted. British Medical Association (BMA) agreed that not all alternative medicine can be trusted 100 percent reliability.

Especially the number of complementary medicine as yet unexplained medical track record. In undergoing a treatment, usually patient and physician alike bias knowing what happens in the body of the patient, what is the impact, and how medical treatment. This is what is sometimes known in alternative medicine is not transparent.

source: COMMUNITY Thibbun Nabawi 'ISYFI'. Cupping Treatment According to the Sunnah of the Prophet. Drs. Kasmui, M.Si

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