Thursday, March 21, 2013

Behind the Story of the Devil’s Kindness against Human

The story tells about one of The friends at the time of the Prophet Muhammad. If we learn about sirah nabawi, certainly this person is no strange because he became the reason behind descent of verses in Al Quran, surah 'Abasa. He is Ibn Umm Maktum and his name is Abdullah. And he was a blind. However, he was known as a man of indomitable faith and his Islam. He also been asked by the Prophet to be the mayor of Medina replacing his state duties.

As a blind man, Ibn Umm Maktum has a dependency of another’s helps in many things, including when go to the mosque. Every day, when it is time to salat, he always left together with a friend. It was like that, till God ordained the friend who always accompany him to the mosque died. Following the death of the introductory, Ibn Umm Maktum find it difficult to go to the mosque, plus his house was also quite far from the mosque. So one day he went to the Prophet and the story is also contained in a hadith of Rasulullah.

This Friend asked: "O Allah's Apostle may I salat at home? I am a blind, it's hard for me to always go to the mosque." Hearing this, the Prophet said, "Do you still can hear the call of athan? "(Meaning you are indeed blind, but not deaf).

Ibn Umm Maktum replied: "It is I still hear every call of athan that echoed ya Rasulullah."  Then the Prophet said, "Well then, come to always have the congregation with us. "
After hearing the words of the Prophet, Ibn Umm Maktum saw he had no choice but to obey the Prophet. The next morning, hearing the sound wave of Bilal’s Athan, Ibn Umm Maktum immediately go to the mosque. However unfortunately, because of unable to see, he tripped over a rock and fell so that his forehead bloody. When trying to get up, then there was a man who rescued and drove him to the mosque.

The helper actually still young and he also led Ibn Umm Maktum go home after salat. Not only that, he even promised tomorrow, day after tomorrow, and so on to keep pick and drop off Ibn Umm Maktum to and from the mosque.

"Why are you so nice to me?",asked him then.

"Ah, never mind. We did have to help each other among fellow creatures of Allah." Replied the youth.

"Then please tell me what your name is, young man!" Asked Ibn Umm Maktum.

"Why?" asked the young man.

Ibn Umm Maktum smile, "I will pray to Allah that you are always given His grace and protection. I would also appeal to Rasulullah that he also pray for you. Now tell me your name? "

"Oh, don’t like that. That's all right. You don’t need bother to pray and care about me. When it’s dhuhur time I will be back again, now excuse me." The young man asked for permission.

"Young. If you insist on not giving out your name. I swear to Allah, I do not want and need your help." Threatened Ibn Umm Maktum.

Hearing the hardness and determination of Ibn Umm Maktum, the young man finally relented.

"Well, Introduce me. I am that called SATAN.”

Ibn Umm Maktum shocked, "Do not be kidding to the parents young man!'"

"I'm not playing or lying. I am Satan. It was me who had issued Adam and Eve from paradise."

Ibn Umm Maktum paused, then asked, "If you were really Satan, you should to stand in the way when I go to the mosque for worship so why even you help and ease my worship?"

"O Abdullah, in fact when you fell earlier, Allah The Almighty says,"My servant fell on his way to Me. His blood flew to meet My pleasure. So witness, O angels, every time he is falling, remove half of his sins and raise his degree. "

"So with one fell, Allah forgives half of your sins. I help you, because I fear if you fell for the second time, then your sins will be forgiven everything. I can not let it. Let me help you with hope that, half of your sins is enough to drag you to become my people. "

Subhanallah. Let us pray and seek refuge in Allah from the accursed devil temptation. Wallahu a’lam bishawwab

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