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Internet-Donation (I-Donation)

From Abu Umamah ra, the Prophet Muhammad, "O Children of Adam, if you give the excess of your wealth , such a better for you. And if you are such a miser, that bad for you. Saving to just for the your necessity aren’t heckled and so give priority to people who become your responsibility. " (Narrated by Muslim)

Let’s my brothers and gentlemens, there is no obstacle for all of us to do good deeds, especially sadaqa. We all should be racing in good deeds even the slightest or trivial things. Because of all we did will actually rewarded and it all comes back to us.
Prophet Muhammad and his followers taught us to give sadaqa at any time either both the field or narrow state we are, either both for the families or the people around us, either because we are given the abundance or not, either by way of overt and tacit.

Internet Donation / I-Donation invited and reminded the Muslim brothers everywhere to be able to donate / sadaqa. With advances in technology, the symbols of Islam was eventually also be developed extensively. I-Donation facilitate all of you to be able to set aside part of their wealth to be donated to the brothers, foundations, schools, schools, institutions and even a nation who needs. Parties receiving this donation then we call Mustahiq. I-Donation carries a motto that Charity is easy.
Currently, I-Donation is just in collaboration with El-Syadiy Islamic Musictainment that supporting the I-Donation. For those who want to cooperate and provide assistance to us, can directly call the contact available.

The rationale and I-Donation system is based on arguments about alms in the Al Qur'an and As Sunnah. By using internet technology approaches and internet banking then pursued steps in channeling the alms to facilitate the donor. This growing numbers of users and internet users, emerge enthusiasm for using the internet and facilitate internet users to alms or donate.


I-Donation with the motto Charity is Easy, in the early stages of using internet technology, may be increasingly accepted and developed with the permission of Allah. The current system is as follows:
· You send a text message (SMS) to the appropriate customer service as service format given below.
·          Service options:
o    PERSONAL: Type Idon (space) PERSONAL send to (+62) 85640667433
You send personally donate money directly to the destination account number. By customer service you will receive message via SMS, account numbers of some mustahiq. Then you please send itself to the account number earlier.
o    DONATION: Type Idon (space) DONATION send to (+62) 85640667433
You send a donation of money by entrusting to us the distribution of these donations. By customer service you will receive message via SMS, the account number of the I-Donation. Then I-Donation will channel the donation to the chosen mustahiq. Once distributed, you will receive a confirmation of SMS.
o    OWN: Type Idon (space) OWN send to (+62) 85640667433
You send a donation to the I-Donation to be used and exploited for the benefit and operational purposes of I-Donation. By customer service you will receive message via SMS, the account number of the I-Donation. Once we accepted, you will receive a confirmation of SMS.
·        I-Donation does not accept donations directly physical form, because it does not fit with the concept of donation being run using the internet and internet banking facilities.
·         I-Donation work systems such as it, was selected to minimize and avoid fraud efforts and so on.


Sadaqa is set aside some property that we have to share with others who need it. Anyone who can run with sincere alms will get a reply in kind, even the rewards who obtained can be many times better.
"O ye who believe, spend in (on the gods) some of the results of your efforts are doing well and some of what we remove from the earth for you. And do not pick the bad ones and then you spend out of it, but you are not willing to take it but with wink eyes to it. And know that Allah is Rich, the Praised. "(Surat al-Baqarah [2]: 267)
Prophet Muhammad in his hadith teaches us to hasten the alms
Other Prophet narrated from Abu Hurairah ra, once someone asked the Prophet, "O Messenger of Allah what alms of the greatest reward?" The Messenger of Allah said, "give alms when healthy, fear of poverty, and are dreaming to be rich . Or do you slow it down so that death comes, then you say, 'So and so hidden for so many, and for a long while So and so it has to be have treasure So and so (the beneficiary). "(Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim)
"Do not underestimate the kindness too. If he does not get it, then let him meet his brother when he met with a friendly face, and if you buy meat, or cooking with pot / pan sauce then multiply and give to the neighbor from her. "(Narrated by Tirmidhi)
"Imagery (income incurred by) those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed which grows seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. Allah multiplies (the reward) for whom He wills. And Allah is All-Area (His gifts), the Knowing. "(Surat al-Baqarah [2]: 261)
Such was some postulates that describes the powerful and the glory of sadaqa. Sadaqa is a supernatural cause. All the blessings we got coming from Allah. Therefore, if the alms is thought to be rational or calculated by mathematical calculation, Can’t be done. As with other forms of worship as well, we were instructed to do it without having first to think why it should be done and so on. Only then can we feel avail and grandeur behind it all.

To get more information about the I-Donation, ask questions, and other cooperative relationships, contact us at:
Phone : (+62) 85640667433
Facebook: El.Shadiy

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