Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Repentance of Father Meets His Daughter in Dreams

Repentance of a person is a guidance and gift from Allah to whomever He wills. As a servant of Allah, it’s nice to always take lessons from around us including the good stories so that we can always correct ourself.

Told a story somewhere this happened. Malik ibn dinar, a Muslim who always worship but also he did immoral acts. He had a daughter who had died at the age of 2 years.

In short, one day he got drunk and fell asleep. Then he dreamed. He dreamed of the Judgement Day has arrived and he was resurrected from his grave. Then suddenly there were a giant snake stormed towards him and so he ran fast. As he ran, in the middle of the road he met a Sheikh either come from with an all-white dress. Malik ibn dinar then asked for help to the sheikh, but the sheikh admitted that he was weak enough and unable to help him. Finally he kept running until he reached a hill. There, he finally rescued by a little girl who unexpectedly was his daughter.

Glad he was able to meet with his daugher and then he told her about the snake and the sheikh before. His daugher explained that the giant snake was the incarnation of immorality that he had been done all this time, so it’s the snake who will lead him to hell. While the sheikh is the little good deeds of him so he was unable to help no matter what happen.

Malik finally awoke. Then he immediately broke all the bottles of alcohol which owned and beg repentance to Allah. Later He became a renowned devout and sufi.

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