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The Miracles of Prophet Muhammad

One of the miracles of the Prophet. Is the Qur'an al-Karim, and this is the greatest miracle. Another miracle
s happened such as:

·         When his chest was surgeried by the angels when he still child.
·         Isra' Mi'raj : The Prophet Muhammad with Gabriel travels up to the 7th sky to being given a command of salat to moslem.
·         The Moon split in two when Prophet Muhammad asked by infidel people to show his miracles.
·         Events that occurred before The Prophet Muhammad hijrah (migrate) to Medina. That time the Quraysh people wanted to prevent his journey by killing him. When they surrounded the house, sudddenly all of them fall to sleep by the permission of Allah. So The Prophet can left the house and continue to journey.
·         In the Battle of Badr, he took a handful of sand and then thrown towards the enemy, so that every enemy hit by the grain of sand fell backward and died.
·         Similarly as the battle of Hunain happened. The enemy was defeated.
·         When Suraqah bin Malik chasing him in the course of migration to Medina, his horse’s feet stuck to the ground and pinned inside so can’t chase the Prophet.
·         A goat belonging to Umm Ma'bad which have never married, when its tits rubbed by the Prophet, suddenly can release so much milk to drink with his entourage and Umm Ma'bad. It can even fill qirbah (water container made of leather) for the provision to continue the journey to Medina.
·         His prayers were granted when he begged to Allah so that Islam strengthened with the inclusion of 'Umar ibn Khattab. And when he begged so that Ali ibn Abi Talib was cured from eye diseases and immuned his body from heat and cold. Immediately his prayers had been answered and 'Ali can lead the armed forces in the war against the Jews of Khaibar War. So when he was asking Allah so that 'Abdullah ibn Abbas endowed with intelligence to interpret and explore the religious sciences.
·         In a battle, Qatadah bin Nu'man’s eyes exposed to enemy weapons as his eyeballs out. With the help of Allah, the Prophet successfully restore and recover Qatadah eyeballs immediately.
·         Camels belonging to Jabir that initially lost a race, but after the Prophet praying that camel, then it can won the race race.
·         The granted prayer of the Prophet so that Anas was blessed with a long life, have many wealth and descendants.
·         Jabir's palm trees are which at first less fruit, beginning to bear fruits a lot, after the prayer of the Prophet. So Jabir can pay off his debts. Even its date fruit remaining 13 servings (wusq).
·         His prayer was granted he begged Allah for rain. Immediately rain fell for a whole week. After that he requested that the rain stopped, then the clouds disappeared and the weather turned out to be sunny.
·         'Utaibah ibn Abu Lahab, who was very hostile to Allah and His Messenger, upon request of the Prophet and his prayer, he died and was killed by lion, in the az-Zarqa', Syam country.
·         At night of bi'tsah, rocks and trees greeting him, "May peace be upon you, O Messenger of Allah!" About it, he said, "I know that there is a stone in Mecca which say greeting to me just before I was promoted to the Prophet and Apostle." There was also a tree that moved closer to him, and a stone in his hand glorifying (glorify the holiness of Allah).
·         When he was about to be killed by the toxins in the food given by a Jew woman, suddenly the cooking meat in the dishes told him.
·         A camel complained to him for a little fed and employed too heavy.
·         He told to the friends that in the future there will be a group of his people that sail through oceans, including a woman named Umm Haram bint Milhan. And his words into reality.
·         To 'Uthman ibn' Affan, he told that in the future ‘Usthman will face a major catastrophe. It was also evident at a later date that 'Uthman was killed when as a Caliph resident.
·         To the Ansar people he said, "After me, you will prioritize in-group." It is also evident some time after his death.
·         Regarding his grandson, Hasan ibn 'Ali, he said, "My son that is Hasan, a Sayyid (Leader). With him Allah will reconcile the two major people of the Moslems. "That is evident with the establishment of an agreement between the followers of 'Ali ibn Abi Talib and the Mu'awiya bin Abi Sufyan followers.
·         He told the friends about the murder of 'Unsi al-Kadzdzab and those who killed him. Whereas in the evening of the murder, 'Unsi was in Sana (Yemen) and he was in Medina.
·         To Thabit bin Qais he said: "You will have a commendable live and die as a martyr." Then prove Thabit died as a hero in the War on Yamamah.
·         A man left Islam (apostate) and re-joined the polytheists people. When the Prophet heard about his death, he said, "The Earth will not willing to accept him." That was proven when his body was dumped into the sea.
·         A man asked by the Prophet to eat with his right hand, but he replied, "No I can’t." He said, "You will can’t then." Since that the person can’t at all to raise his right hand up to his mouth.
·         On the day of the fall of the city of Mecca into the hands of the Moslem, many idol statues around the Kaaba. Rasulullah with a short stick pointing towards the statues while saying, "Truth has come and falsehood vanished definitely." Right away the idol statues fell collapse.
·         In the War of Khandaq, the Prophet fed Moslem forces with a same capacity grain. All ate until full, even the rest are still many. At the next meal time, the Prophet only have a few dates for the Moslem forces. He then asked to gather the remnants of dates scattered over the area, and he prayed for a blessing. The remains date collected then became much until fairly enough distributed to all of the troops.
·         On another time, Abu Hurairah came bringing a little dates. He asked that he would pray it for blessings. His request was granted and he prayed. Abu Hurairah reported his own witnesseth as follows: "From the dates that I spend so many servings to struggle in the way of Allah. We own meal of the dates and just used up during the Caliphate of 'Uthman ibn' Affan."
·         Abu Hurairah said that one day he asked the Messenger of Allah. Pray that tsarid (sort of thick porridge made from flour and milk) inside the qush'ah (big plate) enough to be eaten together by some of the friends. After praying he took a pinch of the caked on the edge qush'ah with his fingers, then he said, "Eat it, Bismillah!" Abu Hurairah end his narration and said, "By Allah that my life was in His hands, just I ate a little and I've had enough."
·         Ever happened, water was gushing from between the fingers of the Prophet. Until all his party can drink to their heart's content and also ablution. Though their numbers are not few, around 1400 people.
·         In a dry season, on the way with his party, he asked someone to find a bowl of water. Then the prophet Muhammad inserted his fingers into the water and said, "Let's all here!" Everyone approached and did ablution. The water in the bowl was inexhaustible, whereas there were between 70 to 80 people.
·         In Tabuk War almost none of the Moslem troops who find water to drink. Barely able to withstand thirst, they reported Rasulullah. He then took an arrow from Kinana and he plugs in the soil. Water gushing so heavy that all troops numbering 30,000 people can drink to their heart's content.
·         At somewhere that the Prophet Muhammad stopped in, the residents complained that all the water in there was mixed with dirt and can not be drank. Together with some of the friends, Rasulullah came to a well and then spit on it. Suddenly the well was bubbling full of cool and clean water so that all people can be helped.
·         One day a woman came to the Messenger of Allah. Bringing a young bald child because of illness. The Prophet then put his hand on the boy's head, and instantly the hair grew and the illness healed anyway. When the people of Yamama heared about it, there was a woman trying to come to Musaylima (local figures who claim to be "The Prophet") while bringing a child also hairless. Musaylima rubbed the head repeatedly, but the child's head was still bald.
·         In the War of Badr, the sword of 'Ukasyah broken. The Prophet Muhammad give him a piece of wood as a substitute. In the hands of 'Ukasyah, the wood turned into a sword. After the war the wood was still on his holding.
·         In the War of the Khandaq, Moslem troops faced difficulty breaking a large and hard rock when they were digging defence trenches. Stones that can not be broke with a large hammer was eventually beaten by Rasulullah with his hands until shattered pieces.
·         A man who suffered a broken leg came to the Messenger of Allah, seeking a help. The Messenger of Allah then rub the broken leg, and healed a while, as if the people had never been sick before.

Source of Reference:

Sayyid Muhammad
ibn 'Alawi ibn 'Abbas al-Maliki al-Hasani. Book Summary History of Prophet Muhammad (Alhawaadits wa al ahwaal an Nabawiyyah). Publisher: Darul Hidayah [p.61-67]

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