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How The Prophet Responding About Fate

An article from Hidayatullah magazine November 2012

As a moslem we must believe with all heart that Allah has detailed plans to His creatures, including humans.

Have faith in Allah Qadha and Qadr include in the pillars (pillar) of faith (iman). Unlegal a person's faith if he does not justify the doctrine of fate, without the slightest doubt that indeed He is the All Knowing. Messenger of Allah said,

"It is not a servant
faith to the destiny that the good and the bad from Allah, until he knows that what happened to him not because of his mistake, and that mistake will not happen to him." (Narrated by At-Tirmidhi)

Have faith in fate means we believe that Allah has complete, detailed, and certainly plans upon us.

No matter how small that is related to us but has been
written in His great plan. As for example, the father and mother we are have, what name is given to us, our soul mate, when will our time arrive, how many blessing for ours, what will happen to us after leaving the world and so on.

Allah says:
Say, ‘Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us: He is our protector’: and on Allah let the believers put their trust." (At Taubah 9: 51)

In other words, all the drama of human life from birth to death are accordance with the plans that have been established by Allah without being able to be changed and quarelled, whether the big or small, the past, present and future.

Most men misunderstand look to the teachings of fate. When his past is filled with failures, they tend to perceive that it is his twist of fate. They tend to think negatively. They conclude that there is no possibility to change themselves. They become apathetic and passive. Though that unsuccessful may not because of him but because Allah has not willed it.

If someone tried but have not been too successful, does not mean they can not capable. It does not mean they can not afford too. Perhaps the lack of success arises from sense of their subjectivity.

They forget that the success was obtained through several efforts and experiments. Various failure experiences may be become an important capital to reach success. Instead, people that his past is filled with success, tend to have an optimistic mental overload. They feel as if the success is his twist of fate. They see themselves not possibly to fall. They do not realize that the world and life are experiencing the ups and downs (volatile).

If destiny fails immediately visited them then they can not accept it. They tend to scapegoat the others and God. They were just ready to accept victory and not ready to accept defeat. They become arrogant and haughty, jealous and hurt. It is man, most do not really understand about fate. It will thus give birth to a human whose soul splited, unbalanced, not intact (split personality).

How Our Attitude Toward Fate

The Prophet provide us beautiful guidance in addressing the fate itself. Word of his saying,

"Be excited to acquire what is beneficial to you, and ask helps to Allah, and do not ever feel helpless. And when you are hit by a misfortune thou shalt say, 'If I do (this) of course will become this and so.' But let's say, 'Allah has destined (so).' And what He wills He does, because the word "if" it will open the devil door (space). (Narrated by Muslim)

Based on the hadith above, there are at least four important lessons about faith in fate, that are:
1. Humans must first determine clear goals about what is beneficial to their own life. We may seek to acquire knowledge, wealth, power, influence and the other so long as of all them are not to bring harm (danger) for himself and everyone else.

Verily Allah gives something to someone is directly proportional to his mental picture. The Prophet in the hadith narrated by Thabrani and Abu Nu'aim from Watsilah, saying that Allah follow together with His servant presupposition toward Him. If good then  will be good it is. If it is bad then bad will be.

2. Do try as hard as you can. And then the result, submit it to Allah. Humans just trying, and He is The One who determine it.

3. Do not forget to seek help from Allah when trying. Because, for Him there is no hard, heavy, even less a dead end. He is The Ruler of all without any limited.

4. Do not feel helpless, because basically every human being has been given a tremendous potential.

If today we are overwhelmed with grief, do not dissolve in grief. Conversely, if we are on the rise, do not dissolve in pleasure. Surely the pleasure is not eternal (laa yadum).

The Dangers of "If"

The Prophet always taught moslems to think positive. Here are the concrete steps:
1. Do not say, "If I do so definitely will happen like this." Or, "If I do not do so certainly not going to happen like this."

That words mean that we forget that what has happened in the past is in conformity with what is destined for us at that time.

2. But said, "Allah has destined so and what He wills He does."

So what has happened to us is the will of Allah that can not be avoided and altered by anyone. We must accept it as a reality. We have to be realistic. We do not have to dissolve in disappointment, so we not to waste energy on things that are destructive.

3. Do not say "if" when have objections with fate. The words "if" will just open the devil door.

What we assume now to be done or not done in the past, as well as the effects of the supposed actions, impossible
to happen. Therefore, the past may not be pulled back to be fixed according to our will today.

So what benefits of saying if? Those words will trigger only regret protracted, uncontrolled anger, fiery revenge, greedy and spiteful. Every of those were just going to spend energy and human potential.

We have to realize that life in this world must have ups and downs. That's the romance of life. Even may be by that romances rewards flowing to us. Is not the reward is directly proportional to the degree of difficulty and hardship of moslem? Help from Allah impossible to come by way of instant (suddenly) and free.  

wallahu a'lamu

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